"Dr. Imbrogno is an amazing health practitioner.  She is both knowledgeable and intuitive while being incredibly gentle and caring.  I always leave the office with a great sense of well being.  She also sees my entire family.  I would highly recommend Dr. Imbrogno for what ails you or preventative health.  My neck thanks you Dr. I!"

-Bobbi Brown, Montclair, NJ


I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you for the incredible support you have given me during a very painful and trying few months!

Your guidance, concern, attentiveness, encouragement and simple loving kindness have been very much appreciated and did make a difference. Every healthcare practitioner's office should be as professional, caring and responsive. It is what I aspire to be in my own practice!

With much love and appreciation,

Ellen G. Montclair, NJ


I have been a patient at Imbrogno Chiropractic & Healing Arts Center for over 12 years now and can honestly say that my overall health has improved tremendously.

The doctors' understanding of my health issues and unwavering  care and concern for my physical well being is a testament to their profession.

From the moment you walk into the office and are greeted by the warm and courteous staff you feel like one of the family.

Leah Suzanne Kaplan, Fair Lawn, NJ


Among the many things I appreciate about Dr. Loretta is the way

she has actively involved me in the treatment and care of my

own body. She is a great teacher. During my appointments

Dr.Loretta often explains to me about how my body works, the

kinds of things that can trigger my back and neck pain, and

what I can do to minimize or avoid this. The chiropractic

adjustments I receive in her office have been consistently

gentle and very effective.

I particularly like the way Dr. Loretta sends my treatment "home"

with me. The stretching exercises she has given me to do

each day have helped enormously. She has offered me many

other simple suggestions that have really made a difference--like

ways to improve my posture while driving and sleeping with a specially contoured pillow at night. These practices have eliminated much of the chronic pain that I had been living with. ...In short, Dr.Loretta's expertise and her warm, caring manner have been life changing for me.

David T, Belleville, NJ


Just wanted to let you know that I feel so much better today.

You are a true healer.

Helen N., New York City


I started seeing Dr. Loretta years ago for typical spine/neck related complaints.  But time and again, when off-handedly mentioning what I assumed were non-chiropractic complaints, found healing from her "testing", adjustments and nutritional/lifestyle recommendations. These include foot pain, stuffed sinuses, skin rash, dizziness and even a toothache.

Instead of "Chiropractor", I wish her shingle could say "Primary Care Physician, Health Enhancer and Disease Preventer", for those are what she has become to me.

Terry T. Cranford, NJ


Our entire family has benefitted from Dr. Imbrogno's skillful and thorough care over many years.  We all have relied on her ability to correctly diagnose the cause of structural problems and the relief provided by her precise and effective chiropractic adjustments, but also have come to appreciate Dr. Loretta's expertise in the areas of fine-tuning supplements to deal with ever changing allergies and viral/bacterial infections, as well as her responsiveness in emergency situations. Dr. Loretta is a wonderful healer with a wealth of medical knowledge, both mainstream and alternative, and she cares about the whole person. We highly recommend a visit to Loretta for anyone who wishes to work towards optimal health.  Her staff is warm and friendly, too!

Francesca Elms & Jack Drucker, Montclair, NJ


From the moment my daughter, Madeline and I, stepped into your office, we were able to relax a little and know that we were in very good hands. It has only been 24 hours since our first visit with you, but already we both feel remarkably better. Our general well-being, and some specific issues, have improved quite a bit. On the drive home from our visit, Madeline (9), said, "Mom, I can't believe how much better I feel. Is this how people can feel all the time?" (I didn't even know how much she'd been suffering.) I said, "Yes, Madeline. People can feel this good. You're supposed to. I only wish I met Dr. Loretta when I was as young as you are so I could learn how to take better care of my body so many years ago." "Don't worry, mom," she said, "you still have your whole life ahead of you." I'm looking forward to our next visit and am so eager to learn more about facilitating my own healing, with lots of guidance and help from you! Thank you for the informative, gentle, compassionate, thorough, and understanding care. No one has ever addressed my whole self before, and it was almost miraculous. I love, love, love what you do, and how you do it. :)



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